How do I charge ME Bottle?

ME Bottle is recharged via Micro-USB. The port is located on the cap underneath the rubber band. It is waterproof, however the rubber band provides additional protection. Insert the included Micro-USB charger into the port, and attach the USB end into any USB port or wall charger.

How do I know when ME Bottle needs to be charged?

The LED display has a battery indicator.

How long does a charge last?

A full charge can last anywhere between 1-2 months depending on usage. A full charge has been tested to run 80 full cycles.

How do I turn on ME Bottle?

Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

How do I activate the purification cycle?

When the cap is on, push the power button once to initiate the purification cycle and wait 60 seconds.

How do I turn off the ME Bottle?

Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds when the cap is already on.

How do I deactivate the purification cycle?

Push the power button once in the midst of a purification cycle.

How do I know the LED is working?

We have added a faint blue indicator to show the LED is on. It is visible against any light colored surface, do not point the LED towards any part of the human body.

How long does the ME Bottle keep water cold or hot?

ME Bottle keeps water cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours.

What happens to the bacteria after a purification cycle?

UV-C LED destroys the DNA of the bacteria and what is left over is harmless material. This prevents existing bacteria from growing even further.

Does ME Bottle clean murky water?

UV-C LED cannot clean murky water or water with sediment inside. A charcoal filter has been included with your bottle to filter physical sediment from murky water, which will help with the taste as well.

Has ME Bottle been tested?

ME Bottle has been tested by an independent third-party lab and proven to eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria and germs including E. Coli in water.

How does it all work?

With UV-C technology. Learn more here.

What is the ME Bottle made of?

The ME Bottle is made of vacuum sealed, double walled, 18/8 stainless steel. It is BPA-free and FDA-approved.

Where is ME Bottle made?

ME Bottle was designed in USA and made in China.

Can I bring the ME Bottle on an airplane?

Yes you can bring the ME Bottle with you on an airplane through airport security, just make sure there is no water inside.

How do I clean ME Bottle?

ME Bottle does not need to be cleaned because of it already keeps the water inside clean. However if you do put in liquids beside water, we recommend using the included brush with some detergent and warm water.

Can ME Bottle purify liquids other than water?

No, UV-C LED will not be as effective in purifying liquids other than water. It can certainly hold other liquids, but we would recommend washing it afterwards.

Can I put hot water inside ME Bottle?

ME Bottle can hold water up to 35° C or 95° F.

Does ME Bottle have a warranty?

ME Bottle has a 1-year limited warranty on all bottles purchased on our website and authorized retailers which covers the repair or replacement of any defective parts. See more here. To file a claim, send an email to: support@mebottle.com

Can I return my ME Bottle?

We accept any returns of unused ME Bottle in original packaging. Please reach out to us at: support@mebottle.com to process a return. No returns are accepted on open or used products.