It is the user’s responsibility to read and understand all product instructions and warnings, including, without limitation, product packaging instructions and warnings, and the user manual.

Follow all user instructions in the instruction manual, and always use the MEBottle (or the “Product”) properly in accordance with the instructions and warnings. Please also see our website at for instructions, warnings and warranty information.

Warnings & Cautions

Only use the ME Bottle and Bottle cap according to instructions. Improper usage of the ME Bottle may cause injury. Please read and understand all Warnings & Cautions prior to operation. Do not use the ME Bottle in any manner other than instructed in the user manual.

IMPORTANT: This Product is not suitable or intended for use by children. This Product contains small parts and may otherwise be hazardous to small children, especially children under 3 years old. Keep Product and any dangerous equipment, including those using batteries, out of the reach of small children!

Caution: Ultraviolet radiation. Avoid direct eye contact. Direct ultraviolet light can irritate eyes and skin or may otherwise be potentially harmful.

  • DO NOT turn on or operate the ME Bottle cap if not screwed on to the ME Bottle.
  • The ME Bottle cap should only be used with the ME Bottle for complete safety and efficacy. The efficacy of the UV water disinfection has only been tested with the ME Bottle and we cannot guarantee the UV’s effectiveness when used with alternative bottle designs.
  • NEVER tamper with the ME Bottle or ME Bottle cap as the UV-C light assembly is a high voltage device. DO NOT open, expose, modify or touch internal circuitry as this can lead to high voltage shock. Removal or tampering with the electronic circuit board may cause injury or damage to the user or Product, and will void all warranties.
  • To prevent danger or risk of shock, keep and store this Product away from rain or liquid. DO NOT use the charger near water: ie. near a bathtub, wash basin, kitchen sink, laundry tub, or swimming pool.
  • Clean the outside of the Product with a clean, moist cloth. DO NOT use any strong cleaning sprays, fluids, or similar chemicals on the Product.
  • If the ME Bottle cap or any of its components malfunction or fails to perform as expected, cease use immediately. DO NOT open or attempt to repair the ME Bottle cap or its components.
  • When recharging, only connect the adaptor as described in the user manual. This should be performed by an adult. ONLY charge your ME Bottle cap with the USB cable provided.
  • DO NOT remove the ME Bottle cap while a disinfection cycle is in progress.
  • To cancel a disinfection cycle, first press and hold the button on top of the cap until the countdown stops.
  • DO NOT use as a light source.
  • DO NOT expose the Product to temperatures below freezing or above 32°C / 90°F.
  • The ME Bottle cap’s UV-C light is not intended to disinfect water on the lip or exterior surfaces of the Bottle where the light does not reach i.e., those that typically come in contact with the mouth when drinking. Be certain that the Bottle and cap have been properly cleaned (accessory brush included to clean the cap’s internal crevices) prior to use.
  • As with any water treatment system, you should always have a backup method available.
  • The included charcoal filter is only intended as an accessory item to improve turbidity and flavor of water and may be reused. However, the charcoal piece/bag within the filter is single-use ONLY. Replace after every use.
  • The charcoal filter system may be used before the ME bottle cap’s disinfection cycle; however, it should NOT solely be used, in replacement of the cap’s disinfection cycle. ALWAYS use the charcoal filter system with the cap’s disinfection cycle.
  • Do not allow impact to the UV-C light. If the cap or UV-C light assembly is cracked, dented or damaged, discontinue use. Contact ME Bottle customer service or visit com for more information regarding proper disposal or recycling.
  • While carefully controlled microbiological laboratory testing has been conducted, the use of the cap’s UV-C light by consumers in the field may produce varied results from laboratory test data.


Disposal (for United States-based customers only)

The ME Bottle cap contains a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and the cap containing the battery must be disposed of properly. Do not remove the battery. Dispose of the Product containing the battery in accordance with applicable law. DO NOT dispose of the Product or battery in fire or allow any contact with fire. Contact your local town or city officials for information regarding the disposal of the Product containing the battery.

Disposal (for EU-based customers only)

Removing the rechargeable battery only for disposal where required by law in Europe.

The ME Bottle cap contains a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that must be disposed of properly. DO NOT remove the battery from the Product until you intend to discard of the Product. Ensure the battery is completely empty of charge before removing it from the Product for disposal. Dispose of the battery in accordance with applicable law.



Use of the product is at your own risk. It is understood that you are voluntarily using it with full knowledge that there are inherent and/or associated risks in doing so, and you assume and accept any and all risks that may be associated with or that arise out of possession or use of the product, including, but not limited to, the risk of property damage or loss, and/or serious injury (including shock or death).

Neither ME Bottle nor its retailers assume any responsibility or liability for any injuries or damages, physical or otherwise, resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use or possession of this product. ME Bottle reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the contents thereof without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes. The product model may be changed for improvements without notice at any time at the discretion of ME Bottle.

For complete information on limited product warranties, disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability, release and indemnity, please see the ME Bottle website at



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